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How to Master Mind Control
and Persuasion in 1 Hour
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As an entrepreneur, marketer, or copy writer you’ll be aware of the power of psychology to influence people’s buying behavior and purchasing decisions.

You probably know the importance of using the laws of persuasion such as Curiosity, Added Value, Expectancy etc...

But perhaps you’re never really sure if you’re doing the right things in the right way, or in the right order...

Perhaps you are frustrated because you struggle to write persuasive sales copy that converts enough visitors to make you enough money to live comfortably?

Imagine if by tomorrow you could Know More about Persuasion than 99.99% of Marketers and start using sales psychology to MAKE SERIOUS MONEY?

What if there was an easy-to-read Crash Course on Psychology, Influence, and Persuasion that can fast-track you to Expert Level?

All you want is some cast-iron, proven sales psychology advice, right?

Well, now you can start to feel good about yourself again because it's not your fault – until now no one revealed the REAL ‘secret’ to making money…

At last, you can now master All the Theories of Persuasion and Sales Psychology Every Internet Marketer Should Know!

You may have read the work of psychologists such as Dr. Robert Cialdini who suggests up to 6 principles of persuasion, but there are many more.


In fact, there are 21 Laws of Persuasion…

  • Law 1 This law is the driving force for ALL customers. If you don’t know this most basic of all the laws of persuasion then you’ll never sell anything. If you don’t spell this out to your prospect, and make them recognize it, they’ll never buy your solution (page 2).
  • Law 2 According to Sigmund Freud almost ALL purchases, to a degree, are made for the purpose of fulfilling this basic law of persuasion. Find out the psychological influences that makes your customers do what they do (page 8). This Second Law of Persuasion reveals the most important factor for increasing your sales conversion rate (page 11).
  • Law 3 The Third Law of Persuasion reveals the major reason why ALL people buy. If you can provide your customers with this advantage they’ll be HAPPY to give you their money (page 13).
  • Law 4 This is probably the biggest problem to overcome in marketing. If you can’t conquer this basic fear that ALL consumers have you’ll never convert your visitors into customers (page 17).
  • Law 5 Some people don’t buy products online because they’re frightened that their credit card details will be abused, or they’ll lose their money, or the products won’t be delivered etc. If you don’t understand the Fifth Law of Persuasion you don’t understand the biggest deal-breaker of all (page 21).
  • Law 6 The more that you offer your customers for their money the more likely they are to buy. The Sixth Law of Persuasion makes it clear how to increase the perceived worth of your offer (page 29). This law of persuasion explains precisely why you should reward your customers for buying your products promptly, and penalize those that buy at a later time (page 30).
  • Law 7 Does it really make a difference to your profits if you use aesthetic, attention-grabbing sales copy and graphics in your marketing message? The Seventh Law of Persuasion reveals the surprising truth. You’ll never get a second chance to apply this incredibly powerful rule so don’t ignore this advice (page 35).
  • Law 8 Even if you’ve got the best product, service, or information in the world, without the presence of this one single emotion you’ll never convince any prospect to buy from you (page 38).
  • Law 9 This law explains exactly how you can position yourself, your brand, and your product to make your target market fall in love with you (page 43).
  • Law 10 Discover how to position yourself in your niche, wield power and influence, and compel people to follow your advice. This Tenth Law explains why your clients will be happy to pay you higher fees (page 49).
  • Law 11 The Law of Persuasion Number Eighteen explains how to influence your prospect’s mind by getting them to know, trust, and like you (page 53).
  • Law 12 Appealing to your customer’s logic may not be the best way to persuade them to buy. The Twelfth Law of Persuasion demonstrates the most effective way to influence your prospects (page 56).
  • Law 13 Just by adding this one law of persuasion to any offer has been proven to dramatically increase conversion (page 62).
  • Law 14 The Fourteenth Law of Persuasion explains why you should use testimonials, celebrity endorsements, reviews, and acquire customer feedback, or inform your customers what other customers purchased (page 65).
  • Law 15 You can expect an increase in repeat purchases, multiple purchases, excellent customer feedback, and a reduction in refunds if you follow the potent Fifteenth Law of Persuasion (page 70).
  • Law 16 This law is the basis for successful one-time-offers, membership sites, and coaching courses. This is one of the most powerful but misunderstood Laws of Persuasion - the first step in long-term relationship marketing and the lifetime value of each customer. Understand the Sixteenth Law of Persuasion and you’ll understand the key to repeat purchases and customer loyalty (page 74).
  • Law 17 Discover the best psychological technique to demonstrate your product’s superiority. The Seventeenth Law of Persuasion provides you the simple truth. Can discounts, using “recommended retail price” guides, or crossed-out pricing improve conversion rates? (The answer is on page 78).
  • Law 18 If you annoy your customers it can actually be to your financial advantage! Find out why confusing your customers could be a good thing by reading the Law of Persuasion Number Eighteen (page 81).
  • Law 19 Does the soft sell really work? This law reveals the truth about using HYPE and HARD SELL to market your products or services, and which to technique to use to increase your bottom line (page 84).
  • Law 20 At first sight it may not make sense to give away your products or services for nothing, but the Law of Persuasion Number Sixteen reveals how offering a free gift can actually be more profitable in the long term (page 88).
  • Law 21 Mastering this powerful law will improve your stickiness, bump rate, and retention. This is one of the most potent driving forces in marketing – you can use this law throughout all your promotions to captivate your loyal customers, and increase your bottom line (page 92).

Proven Psychological Triggers,
Tips, and Tricks

This mini course is not just about industry-leading research, you’ll also benefit from precise instructions about exactly how to apply each law of persuasion plus real-world case studies and loads of profit-pulling practical tips.

You’ll benefit from bite-size chunks of knowledge written in simple, easy- to-understand English and packed with unique, never before published information.

This is the Only Course That Covers All 21 Laws of Persuasion.

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  • Make a LOT More Money With Less Effort Because You’ll Know Precisely What Your Prospects Are Thinking
  • Write Psychology-Based Sales Copy That Could Triple Your Profits
  • Use Sales Psychology to Convert Your Visitors into Customers
  • Understand WHY Your Customers Think The Way They Do
  • Create The Offers Your Prospects Want to Buy
  • Use The Language Your Customers Want to Hear
  • Create Products and Services With Distinct Advantages Your Customers Desperately Want (and can’t find elsewhere)
  • Boost Profits on Existing Products and Future Product Lines
  • Help Cut in Half Your Risk of Failure in New Markets
  • Dominate ANY New Market You Enter Because You’ll Understand The Conversation In Your Prospects' Head Better Than Anyone Else
  • Wipe Out Competitors by Making it Difficult For Others to Compete
  • And much, much more…

Here’s what your fellow marketers are saying about this investment…

Moe Muise

Moe Muise,


“I Learned A LOT From Reading It!”

"This is the most comprehensive, and accessible, book on marketing- related psychological theories I've ever seen. I learned a lot from reading it! You cover both the "classic" theories that most IMers know (e.g. scarcity, social proof), and some that most marketers probably haven't heard of (e.g. expectancy). Overall, a very useful summary of the most relevant theories. I think you've written an excellent book, Richard."

Bob Bates,

Fellow Warrior

"A Must For Anyone Who Is Serious About Selling"

"'The 21 Laws of Persuasion' is one of the best e-books that I have read. It is very well thought out and put together, and is certainly a must for anyone who is serious about selling anything, especially copy writers and IM'ers. You explain why people buy, and are able to back it up with sound psychological principles. Using this as a base for marketing materials, and using a little thought and creativity, a person could significantly increase their sales and/or opt-ins."

Steve Cowan,


"Richard Gets It Absolutely Right"

"‘The 21 Laws of Persuasion’ is a book that anyone interested in elevating the effectiveness of their marketing efforts must read and probably refer to on a regular basis. To begin with, Richard gets it absolutely right in suggesting that hype, faked screenshots and ‘smoke and mirrors’ no longer works in sales. Consumers are becoming more savvy and selective and as a result, it is harder to convince them than ever before. Subsequently, Richard explains and demonstrates how important psychology and really understanding what makes your potential target customers tick is in online marketing. This is a crucial factor that no-one that genuinely wants to make money on the net can afford to ignore. Suffice to say that I’ve already read ‘The 21 Laws of Persuasion’ twice, and I will read it again until I am confident that I’ve attained the level of psychological mastery that the author has obviously achieved."

Sigrid Gauger,

Director of SMG Concepts LLC

"Great, very useful content!”

"Great, very useful content! Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed the material."

Ben Palmer-Wilson

Ben Palmer-Wilson,


"It's Packed With Applicable Persuasion Techniques"

"Richard's smashed it with this one - imagine a comprehensive book on the powers of persuasion with only the most essential details and tidbits in - no fluff, no random tangents...just value. That's what Richard's book gives you. It's packed with applicable persuasion techniques, and he even goes into why they work, how to apply them, and the story behind each one. This book is solid gold; as a copywriter, I have no doubt I'll be taking full advantage of the tips in this book to increase my sales response. Well done, Rich!"

Danielle Lynn

Danielle Lynn


"Tells You How to Use Each Specific Law to Help You Sell"

"You can tell a lot of thought was put into constructing this guide. This was no slap-dash product attempt - it's over 100 pages long, with 92 pages of pure content. Now, it's not the most casual read I've ever laid eyes on. But it is straight- forward and takes a complex subject (persuasion) and breaks down each specific law of persuasion into a definition, example, how to apply it to your sales strategy - and even goes on to share the deeper theories about the law. This book taps into some advanced concepts, while still presenting the 'basic' info - so you don't need a degree in psychological theories to help you navigate the book (although I did get flashbacks of my last years in college...) The part that most marketers will enjoy is the "application" area in each Law of Persuasion chapter. This is the area that tells you how to use each specific law to help you sell and position your product. I also enjoyed how he delved into some of the theories and talked about how marketers could apply those theories to sales (page 18 he goes into B.F. Skinner's behavior model and talks about it relates to 'ethically bribing' subscribers). Is it groundbreaking? Advanced marketers and people with heavy psychological backgrounds may not think so - but it is worth grabbing since it organizes the thoughts and theories in a very clear and useful way."

David Snyder

David Snyder,


"Very Informative and Instructive"

"I thought it was very informative and instructive. Being a Registered Nurse I am familiar with many of the theories you addressed and felt you applied them very succinctly and provided the tips and ideas on how to apply them to get the most benefit using each of them to drive your sales where you would like to see them. Overall a very good piece of work."

Elton Kuah

Elton Kuah,

Enrich Social Media

"Increased My Conversion From 1% to 2%"

"I've just read Richard G. Lewis' "21 Law of Persuasion" and I've found it very useful and simple to understand compared to many other books that I've read on this subject. From the definition of every law, to the examples, quotes, and applications for each law, everything is explained in a step-by-step way that guarantees you can apply the methods and get the results you want. I have personally used one of his principles, "Fear of Change", which has increased my conversion from 1% to 2% with just a simple change of words in my marketing brochure. Overall, "The 21 Law of Persuasion" truly represents what it's all about: The Internet Marketer's Handbook for Buyer Behavior and Psychology."

Steve Shulenski

Steve Shulenski,


"This Is One Book You Don’t Want To Miss Out On"

"If you want the secret sauce to selling more products or services over the Internet you will discover it on page 8 of the “21 Laws Of Persuasion – The Internet Marketer’s Handbook of Buyer Behavior and Psychology”. This is one book you don’t want to miss out on. I was fortunate to receive a free review copy but I would have gladly paid $30 for the privilege of printing out all 60 pages of these powerful laws of persuasion. Yes I printed out all 60 pages and bound them together for easy reference because this is one book I’ll want to read and study until I master these laws! I also printed and laminated an extra copy of page 7 – the table of contents page, as it lists all 21 Laws and makes for a handy checklist to refer to when creating an offer or website. I’m adding my copy to my library of favorite marketing books right alongside of Robert B. Cialdini’s books “Influence” and “YES – 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive”. Cialdini’s books are great but this book was written specifically help Internet Marketers. Pass up the next shiny object that you are tempted to buy and invest in educating yourself by learning these 21 laws. Shiny objects won’t make you money… but mastering the principles taught in this book will. New- comers to IM are always wondering what can they successfully sell. Master these 21 principals and you will be able to successfully market and sell just about anything!"

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Each bonus is a mini course from the exclusive PsychoProfits™ series of courses and includes all the latest cutting-edge techniques and research into buyer behavior and sales psychology.


The e-book, “Persuasion: How Your Customer's Mind Works (and How to Change it!)”


Here’s what you’ll get…

  • Discover How Your Customer’s Mind Works and How to Change it!
  • 44 “No Fluff” Pages of Previously Undisclosed Mind-Control Money-Making Secrets (as used by Internet Millionaires)
  • All the Psychological Triggers, Tricks, and Tips You’ll Need to Make Money Online
  • Find out more about Neuromarketing and Why it'll Change Your Life
  • The History of Buyer Persuasion Methods, Marketing, and Modern Buyer Persuasion Techniques
  • The Human Brain and How to Understand its Structure and Functionality
  • How the Brain Works, Human Nature, How to Neutralizing Negativity, and the “Hedonic Treadmill” That Makes Us Buy More
  • The Decision-Making Process and the Psychology Behind It
  • Each and Every Step Behind the Buyer Behavior Model
  • How to Make People Buy From You by Mimicking the Buying Decision Process
  • How People Decide What They Are Going to Buy
  • Discover What Your Consumers REALLY Want and How They Want It Packaged and Delivered
  • The “Third Place”(Why Consumerism is Becoming the New Religion)
  • Recognize the Two Types of Shopping
  • Understand The Psychology of the Online Consumer
  • How to Make Your Customers Feel Good About Themselves
  • How to Use Your Customers’ Perception of Time, Attention, and Trust to Make Serious Money Online
  • How to Build Credibility and Trust Within Your Customers’ Minds
  • How to Eliminate Your Customers’ Perception of Risk
  • Discover Why Every One of Your Customers Believe They are Unique and Special, and Deserves The Best
  • The Importance of Authenticity and Credibility (and How to Create It)
  • How to Add Authenticity to Your Products and Services
  • How to Know Your Target Customer and Their Buyer Personality
  • How to Segment Your Market and Then Profile and Qualify Your Visitors
  • How to Create Customer Loyalty so that They Repurchase Again and Again
  • Learn NOT to Chase Customers by Creating Empathy
  • How to Get Your Visitors to Make a Commitment Through Involvement
  • How to Build a Community and Create Your Own Fan Club
  • And Much, Much More...

Roger Rohrs VideoScottsdale.com

“This Book Should Be In Your Reference Library”

This e-book “Persuasion” is a great read. You’ll need to re-read it a couple of times to get everything the book has to say. You’ll discover eight ideas to create credibility, six devices to help create social proof, the five steps in the sales process, the number one secret for creating customer loyalty, etc., etc. This book should be in your reference library and re-read every month or so. Great job.

Anita Hampl

“Smart Marketers Will Print It Out and Keep It Handy” 

"Richard Lewis has condensed a huge body of knowledge about understanding customers into a very reader-friendly report. Don't be fooled by the short paragraphs and white spaces, they are there to help you process what you read, AND to find specific points when you need a refresher. He teaches how to be tuned in to the customer's needs and wants, how they differ, and which is more important. He also gives strategies for beating your competition. Supported by scholarly references, this is not another quickie e-book that will gather digital dust on your hard-drive. Smart marketers will print it out and keep it handy to refer to as they write powerful sales pages that convert mightily." 

Dragomir Ralchev RalchevDesign.com

“People Who Buy This E-Book Will Definitely Gain” 

"I had the chance to learn a lot of things that are not written anywhere else (some kind of secrets that someone else wouldn't tell you directly). Also what I enjoyed pretty much was the introduction of marketing history at the beginning of the book. The book inspired me to look forward in building a successful business. I really believe that people who buy this e-book will definitely gain benefits and advantages from it! Even though the book is less than 50 pages, it is still an incredible teacher, because these fifty pages filter out unnecessarily boring info." 

Steve Thomas TheSuperAffiliateStrategy.com

"It Will Definitely Improve My Ability to Convert More Visitors"

"Was a really interesting read and I can most certainly say that I am now going to put an additional spin on my copywriting from what I have learnt within this e-book. Some of the information will be known to experienced marketers but for me nearer to the start of internet marketing campaign, it will definitely improve my ability to convert more visitors whether its opt ins or sales. Very beneficial to what I’m going to be working on next. The chapters flow very nicely. A very informative read for anyone who picks up this great e-book." 

Cyndie King, GirlGetsRingRevue.com

“Make This a Part of Your Internet Marketing Library”

“This e-book gives one of the best presentations on how a customer thinks and how to make that customer change their mind. If you have ever wondered how people really think, then this is a must read for everyone that tries to sell a product, but most specifically this is for you if you are trying to sell your product over the Internet because it is written for the Internet Marketer. The first couple of chapters take you on a historical tour of marketing followed by a discussion of the human brain. The next chapter discusses the parts and processes of the buying decision. I don't want to give all of the details away at this point, but reading this chapter will really give you a lot of insight on how you can design your website and sales funnel so that customers will purchase your product. In the last chapter Mr. Lewis gives the reader a thorough understanding of the online buyer. This will help you to understand the psychology behind the online buyer, and a variety of things that you must incorporate into your marketing in order to turn these online customers into your customers. I would definitely recommend that you make this a part of your Internet Marketing Library.” 


The e-book, “Persuade and Grow Rich: How to Use PSYCHOLOGY to Craft Hyper-Responsive Sales Funnels”

You’ll also discover…

  • How to Use Psychology to Craft Hyper-Responsive Sales Funnels
  • 50 Pages of Practical Advice, Precise Instructions, and Dozens of Examples
  • The Flow Chart of a Profitable Internet Marketing Sales Funnel
  • The Persuasion Techniques Used at Every Stage of The Best Money- Making Internet Marketing Sales Funnels
  • The Most Effective Persuasion Techniques Used in Promotional Advertising
  • How to Maximize Your Squeeze Page’s Conversion Rates
  • The Psychological Advantage of Using an Exit Pop Up
  • How to Manage Your Customer’s “Exit”
  • Why Affiliate Offers Add to Your Authority
  • The Powerful Psychology Behind the Opt-In Form
  • Why One-Time-Offers Work So Well
  • How to Optimize Your Payment Page to Almost Guarantee Sales •How to Use Down-Sells Correctly
  • How to Use a “Confirm Opt-In” Email Properly to Start a Relationship With Your Customers
  • How to Use Psychology to Turn Your “Thank You” Page into Another Profit-Building Asset
  • How to Use the Powerful Psychological Advantage of OTOs and Up-Sells to Significantly Improve Your Sales
  • Why Your Download Page Can be The Best Place to Put Your Affiliate Offers
  • How to Manage Your Customer’s “Exit”
  • How to Increase Your Client Retention (Because You’ll Know Exactly What They Want and You Can Keep On Providing it)
  • All the Psychological Techniques to Use in Your Auto Responder and Follow-up Email Sequence to Increase the Lifetime Value of Customer, Set Up a Sequential Selling Series, and Create and Build a Relationship With Your Customer, and Much, Much More…

Bryan Arnold

"Use The Strategies Here That are Tested and Proven to Work"

"Richard brings a ton of high grade tactics in this ebook. As a studier of sales copy myself, I can tell you that everything written in Profit from Persuasion" is spot on... this is not your ordinary stuff. I guarantee you'll find not one but several nuggets of gold after reading this. In fact, there are a couple of techniques that are going on my very next sales letter. So I highly encourage you to make this a part of your library but more importantly use the strategies here that are tested and proven to work..." 

Tobias Couchman

"I Would Recommend "Persuade And Grow Rich" to Anyone"

"I thought the book was easy to read, nicely laid out, and well put together. Its narrative takes you through the sales funnel process in a very linear way making it very easy to follow. I never once felt like I didn't know what Richard was talking about. I especially liked the way that Richard backed up a lot of his statements with real life case studies and research. I would recommend "Persuade and Grow Rich" to anyone wanting to go deeper into the compulsions that motivate us to hit that buy button. Especially those who are looking to build cohesive sales funnels. Two thumbs up!" 

Muhammad Mustafa

"It Goes Deep Into The Consumer Mindset"

"'Persuade and Grow Rich' goes deep behind every tactic and trick you might be using right now to sell online. It goes deep into the consumer mindset and explains why this works for customers and why they put their hands in their pockets to get out their credit card and make a purchase. So, if you currently price your products at X amount or use Z color just because others told you to do so, this book will tell you why it worked and the theory behind it from psychological point of view, so you'll have better knowledge about what works for any step in your sales funnel; which words, images, colors etc. works the best and why. If you already use some tactics that work for you and don't care much to learn about the whole idea behind it, and why it works, this book might not be ideal for you, but, if you (like me) love to learn about what's behind the scene and theories behind working stuff, this would be a very helpful book for you to read." 

Sigrid Gauger
Director of SMG Concepts LLC

"It's a Lot of Material, But Well Worth the Read!"

I have had the opportunity to review "Persuade and Grow Rich". I was impressed with the information. As relatively new to the Internet marketing scene, I was really looking for concrete examples of what was successfully working out there. Understanding the theories behind the Laws of Persuasion made using them in my marketing plan even more powerful. I am more confident in using the "Laws of Persuasion" to be more perceptive and anticipate customer responses and increase the likelihood of more sales. It's a lot of material, but well worth the read! Great work, Richard!

Jim Burney

"Excellent Information"

"'Persuade and Grow Rich' by Richard G Lewis is an excellent introduction to Consumer Psychology. Aimed at Internet Marketers who need to increase sales (who doesn't?) by understanding the power of knowing what makes consumers 'tick', put another way... finding their hot spots! The e-book will enable marketers to understand the decision-making process of buyers and so therefore influence the purchasing cycle. All the sales funnels are explained in a clear and logical manner. This information will enable you to analyze all the latest and best sales letters and understand why they get results. Excellent information." 


The e-book, “Profit from Persuasion: How to Use the Power of Psychology to Influence Your Customers' Decisions”

What you’ll get…

  • Discover How to Use the Power of Psychology to Influence Your Customers’ Decisions and Make Them Click the “Buy Now!” Button
  • 64 Pages of Secrets on How to Use Practical Psychological Persuasion Techniques to Make Big Profits
  • Discover Customer Profiling and How to Target Your Market •How to Match Your Sales Pitch to Your Customer Profile
  • How to Use Persuasion Techniques to Appeal to Your Customer's Survival Instincts
  • Advanced Framing Techniques and The Solution Labeling Method™
  • How to Use the “Paradox of Choice” to Persuade Your Customers
  • How to Use “Us” versus “Them” Strategies to Gain Your Followers’ Commitment and Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Customers
  • How to Profit From Persuasion Architecture®, Personality, and Visual Direction
  • How to Use the Power of Self Esteem and Discover Why Self Image Affects Your Bottom Line
  • How to Use the Magic of "Laddering" to Uncover Your Customers' REAL Desires, Wants, and Needs
  • How to Provide the Benefits Your Customers REALLY Need
  • How to Explain to Your Customers What’s In It for Them
  • How to Manipulate Your Customer's Emotions to Sell to Them
  • How to Manage Your Customer’s Logic to Stop Them Asking for Their Money Back
  • How to Use the Power of Suggestion and Persuasive Imagery to Seduce Your Visitors
  • How to Use Hypnotic Story Telling to Influence Your Customers
  • Discover the Pathway to Persuasion Through Trace-Inducing Sales Letter Copywriting
  • How to Use Social Proof Techniques to Triple Your Sales
  • How to Make the ‘Irresistible Offer’ and Justify Your Price
  • How to Create Scarcity and Exclusivity to Stimulate Your Customer into Action
  • When to Use Bonuses in Your Strategic Value Marketing™
  • Master After-Sales Psychology and Stop "Buyer’s Remorse"
  • And Even More…

Cindy Siow

“One of The Best E-Books on Copywriting and Persuasion” 

"Internet marketing is direct marketing online and if you are doing Internet marketing, "Profit from Persuasion" is a book you cannot do without. This is hands-down one of the best e-books on copywriting and persuasion every written. The chapter on "Painting With Words" is easily worth more than the cost of the book and is required reading for all serious Internet Marketers who want to succeed online. It's not just theory, he takes you by the hand to construct a persuasive salesletter. The techniques covered apply to writing emails to your subscribers as well. I applied just one technique and have seen click-thru rates for my emails increase by another 20%." 

Tom Koziol

“If You Don't Buy This Book… You Are Making a BIG Mistake”

"In his book, Richard says: ‘This book was written to help Internet Marketers understand the psychology behind the sales letters and sales funnels we use to sell our products and services.’ It outlines the separate sections of the typical sales letter or commercial website, and explains the persuasive theories and techniques behind their use. Let me add this book will help anyone become a super propagandist, a political writer sought out by every candidate running for office, a bestselling author, a screen play writer, etc, etc, etc. It is that good. As a guy w/a degree in journalism and public relations (not called that today), I have firsthand experience with everything Richard writes. If you don't buy this book and refer to it often, you are making a big mistake." 

Karen Shimona

"Richard Takes You Through The Buyer's Thought Process"

"I'm so glad I had the chance to review this informative book! It is quite refreshing to read an ebook that instead of delving into another 'secret' or 'brand new method', focuses on the basic principle of the psychology of the buyer's mind. Richard takes you through the buyer's thought process as they go through each aspect of a sales funnel, what works, what doesn't and more importantly, why. What intrigued me the most was the psychological triggers of certain colors. I never even imagined that particular color on the order forms produces more sales! Who woulda thunk? Although the product seems to be geared toward marketers who have their own product, the knowledge gained of the buyer's thought process would be an obvious boost regardless of what business you are in." 

Jake Toney RapidWebsiteCreation.com

"A Plethora of Techniques, Strategies and Copywriting Methodologies That Should Be Used By All Serious Entrepreneurs"

 "After reviewing your eBook (Profit from Persuasion), I have to tell ya I am highly impressed. Your eBook has top-notch information that should appeal to almost anyone serious about gaining more customers, closing more sales and improving repeat sales as well. A few of my favorite persuasion techniques are: The SLM (Solution Labeling Method) and the Silent Enemy Strategy. These are very powerful strategies that I feel are really needed in today's economic climate. I think business owners sometimes forget that they really do need to work on their salesmanship in print, better known as copy writing, more specifically direct response copywriting. Your eBook has laid out a plethora of techniques, strategies and copy writing methodologies that should be used by all serious entrepreneurs. I will definitely keep your eBook in my online arsenal..." 


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