If You Realize That Your Headlines Determine the Whole Success or Failure of Your Sales Pages, Then You’re Going to LOVE This…

“How to Write Hypnotic Headlines
That Convert Between 7.2% and 72% 
in Under 7 Minutes, Every Time!”

If you’re an internet marketers or copywriters you would have heard almost every sales copywriting course, book, e-book, or report claim the same thing… 


You’re probably tired of hearing it but the evidence is overwhelming…




So, if you’re serious about making money online you’d better get your head around this fact…


FACT: You can be a master of every other part of Internet Marketing. You can produce the best products in the world. You can send millions of visitors to your sales letter every day. BUT if your headline doesn’t drive your visitors to act then you’ll starve.

"When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar."

David Ogilvy, Marketing Legend

If you accept this truth, and accept that you need to master this skill (or keep paying top dollar to copywriters), you’re in the right place!


This book is a concise, step-by-step, easy-to-understand guide to absolutely everything you need to know about how to use psychology to write profit- pulling, high-conversion headlines.

Here’s What You Get…

  • A Comprehensive Professional-Level Headline Writing Course Useful For All Levels of Experience
  • 30+ Pages of In-Depth Research, Information and Advice (no double-spacing, no padding, just unique premium-quality content)
  • Includes a Complete Headline Writing Template (a proven formula to help your create persuasive, high conversion headlines over and over)
  • Countless EXAMPLES of the exact words, phrases, and sentences used in the most profitable headlines 
  • All The Psychological Triggers behind every technique used in the best headlines and why each one is used (worth $1,000s) 
  • Everything Explained in Every-Day, Jargon-Free, English 
  • A “Level of Importance” Guide For Each Sector (to help you work out which sections are relevant to the product you’re selling)
  • A Guide to The “Purpose” of Each Part of a Headline 
  • A “Best Practice” Section For Headlines Writing 
  • Insider Professional Tips on how to optimize your headline for maximum conversion rates 
  • A Proven “A To B” Sales Letter Writing Formula
  • Write Pro Headlines in Under 7 Minutes

Having had numerous people use the tactics, tricks, and triggers revealed in this book, I'm confident that almost anyone can write extremely persuasive, highly converting headlines that almost hypnotize your customers to buy from you.

Nobody Else Teaches

(or even shares)

This Stuff!

I’ve used the advice in this book to generate millions of dollars for the businesses in many different niches.

After reading this e-book you’ll be able to…

  • Create Conversion-Crushing Hypnotic Headlines in 7 Minutes
  • Use All The Psychological Techniques, Tricks, and Triggers You'll Ever Need to Produce Profit-Pulling Headlines
  • Know The Advantages of Benefit-Orientated vs. Problem-Orientated Headlines
  • Use "Headline Hooks" That Pull Your Reader into Your Sales Letter 
  • Stop Your Prospect Asking "What's in it for ME?" 
  • Master Pre-Headlines That Are Clear, Relevant, and Credible 
  • Compose Pre-Headlines That Pre-Sell Your Products and Pre-Qualify Your Prospects 
  • Understand What Your Reader is Thinking 
  • Discover Two Fonts and Three Colors That Help Headlines Convert Best 
  • Craft Hypnotic, Attention-Grabbing Headlines (plus Pre- Headlines and Sub-Headlines) using a “works-every-time” rule 
  • Design Emotionally-Provoking, Relevant, and Psychologically Powerful Header Graphics That Demand Your Visitor's Attention 
  • Construct Hypnotic Openings and Deck Copy that'll force your reader to dive straight into your sales copy 
  • Use A/B and Multivariate Split-Testing to Explode Your Profits 
  • Use Curiosity, Questions, and Aspirations to Hypnotize Your Readers 
  • Identify the Specific Benefits that REALLY Matter 
  • Use The Trance-Provoking Power of Specificity 
  • Apply the "Pain-Pleasure Principle" to Your Advantage •Use "Power" Words For Maximum Effect (and Profit)
  • Understand How the Human Mind Works 
  • Quickly Increase Your Sales Conversion Rates, Your Earnings, And Your Success Levels 
  • Shorten Your Learning Curve by YEARS, Grow Your Business Faster and Get Yourself to Where You Want to Be FAST! 
  • Never Need to Pay For a Copywriter Ever Again •Anyone Can Use This Formula… A-N-Y-O-N-E!

Here’s What Internet Marketers are Saying About “Hypnotic Headlines”…

Adam Dukes


"Every Online Marketer Could Learn Something From This Guide" 

"Wow! I am blown away, this stuff is awesome! I own an offline business where I help businesses with online marketing. I just got into the product creation space and am learning the importance of copywriting. I am now also seeing how I could help my clients with it as well. I knew the headline was important, but not that important. I plan to print this off and highlight a lot of the pages. I also plan to create one page of notes that I can hang next to my desk to reference often. Every online marketer could learn something from this guide."

Elmar Aga


“The Best Intro Book in to What is The Most Important Part of Any Sales Letter” 

"If you have never read any of the old school copy writing books by the direct response master or have not shelled out thousands of dollars for copy writing courses this will be the best intro book in to what is the most important part of any sales letter. This book is perfect for beginners and anyone who is new to copy writing no matter what market or niche you’re in. It’s simple and detailed, covering all the important aspects of any headline." 

Bil Smith


"This is Top Notch Writing. 9/10" 

"Richard G Lewis's 'Hypnotic Headlines' is very well presented and very easy to read eBook that discusses the persuasive power of a good headline.

The eBook is 34 pages long and, although the content in the eBook is not exactly new information, the content is presented in a way that makes it an excellent read for someone who would like to learn more about creating great headlines without all the fluff that comes with bigger books. It gets straight to the point and gives you a wide range of examples to explain the different methods of creating strong headlines.

If this eBook was written by your typical 1 hour eBook creators who didn't care about presentation as well as Richard has, I would say pass it up. But Richard obviously cares about the content he puts out there. This is top notch writing.

If you don't have the time to read books such as 'Influence: The Power of Persuasion' I would highly recommend you get 'Hypnotic Headlines'. There is very powerful content within the eBook; so much so that I would consider it a headline cheat sheet. I will definitely keep this eBook in my treasure trove of books. 9/10. 

Junwe Cui


“It is a GREAT Product” 

We all know that target traffic is the most important for Internet Marketing; in order to get enough target traffic, we try our best to get higher ranking of Google, but after my site rank to No.1 of Google, guess what? Another question coming: Conversion Rate!

Yes, ranked to Google first page and got traffic, but few sales! This question bothered me for a long time.

Now, I have the chance to learn the secret about how to increase Conversion Rate from Richard's "HYPNOTIC HEADLINES", it is a great product after read all of it. I think it is the right way to increase Conversion Rate, Convert visitor to buyer!

You know what? I have not enough time to write more about "Hypnotic Headlines", I must act now, to re-write all the headlines of my sites. 

Steve Hill


"There is a LOT of Good Information Here" 

"There is a lot of good information here, and the guide goes into other useful details such as the A/B testing process, which few guides cover." 

" Debra "Ms Debra" McDougal


"Every Writer Should Have a Copy of This Manual"

 "If I were to use one word to describe Richard’s ebook, it would be “complete.” He leaves nothing for you to question or wonder what he meant. You may find the amount of information to be overwhelming, but stick with it. The 34-page ebook is packed with information you need to arrest the attention of anyone who comes across your article marketing articles and sales pages to begin reading them in depth.

We’ve all been told that without a good headline we lose the chance of ever pulling in the reader to our offer. Richard’s “Hypnotic Headlines” goes beyond just telling you how important the headline is to your written offer. He takes you by the hand and breaks down exactly what a “hypnotic” headline should contain, with examples as well. Yes, you’ve seen what other experts say should be in a headline, but you’ve never seen it as Richard presents it. At the end of the e-book he even teaches you how to split test headlines to obtain maximum yield. He includes a split test checklist to keep track of the different changes to make and record the results.

Every writer should have a copy of this manual to refer to for every written work produced. Marketers should have a copy just in case your writer doesn’t know how to produce Hypnotic Headlines. Thanks, Richard, for this. It has been placed on my reference shelf.

Juan Machad


"A MUST-HAVE if you’re a Copywriter or Want to Launch Your Very Own Product" 

"This e-book will guide you through the full process of creating headlines, with a twist of psychology inside, intended to show you how to attract and entice visitors to buy your stuff.

Richard also gives you the best tips and tricks in order to help you create a killer headline quickly and easily. He even provides the best examples if you feel you're not inspired to write a unique headline. There are some warnings too; including the mistakes made in the past, and the "Dos" and "Don'ts" of headline writing.

‘Hypnotic Headlines’ is not just another book on the best ideas to create your headlines. It's a total guide that takes you by the hand, covering every little detail, so you won't be lost in the process. This really is a MUST-HAVE if you are a copywriter or want to launch your very own product." 

Patricia Jones


"Essential Reading for Anybody with an Online Business" 

"I used to write a lot of offline sales letters, but that was over 10 years ago and I was thinking about brushing up on those skills for my online business when I got the opportunity to read 'Hypnotic Headlines'.

This ebook is well presented and at 34 pages just the right size for my attention span. It's easy to read and doesn't contain any unnecessary waffle as with some longer guides. For me that makes the information offered easier to take in and understand.

From my previous experience I know that the author is offering really good advice and with more than sufficient examples to get valuable ideas from. Having read 'Hypnotic Headlines' twice I can find no fault with it and would recommend it as essential reading for anybody with an online business. Information like this can make a real difference and I'm sure that I will constantly refer to it in the future as I build my sales and squeeze pages." 

Kevin "Ski" Harrigan KevinHarrigan.com

“Anyone Who Has Paid For Sales Copy and Has Ever Thought About Trying it on Your Own Instead Should Own This Book” 

“I have several active sales pages, and am always looking for new twists/ approaches to increase conversions. As a result, I read anything and everything I can get my hands on regarding copywriting and conversion.

In spite of this, I found this book to be refreshing in that it is very focused, organized, and result oriented. In my opinion, there is not a single paragraph of fluff here.

There are ideas/concepts which I picked up as I read the book which I was surprised I hadn't thought of before, and which I integrated into two of my sales pages immediately. Time will tell the result, but just based on the underlying concept, I can't imagine that any of them will have any result other than increased conversions.

Anyone who has paid for sales copy and has ever thought about trying it on your own instead should own this book, period.”

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“Conversion Secrets: How to Convert Your Visitors into Customers”

All the practical things you need to know about conversion, including:

  • Why Your Customer Conversion Rate is SO Important
  • An Action Plan for Increasing Your Conversion Rates
    (and Your Profits)
  • How The BIG MONEY is Made Online
  • How to Improve Your Visitor/Customer Conversion Rate
  • What Conversion Psychology is and How to Exploit it
  • How to Improve Your Offer to Increase Sales Conversion
  • How to Track, Influence, and Persuade Your Traffic
  • How to Set Your Conversion Goals and Why You Need Them
  • Testing Your Whole Sales Funnel for Bottlenecks
  • Knowing Your Key Performance Indicators (KPls)
  • Advanced Conversion Metrics You Should Be Tracking
    (every successful internet marketer knows these)
  • How to Set and Improve Your Overall Purchase Conversion
  • The Best (and Cheapest) Conversion Optimization Tools
  • And so much more...

 Lisa Dozois


“Rips Through The Mystique and Focuses on How to Convert Visitors to Buyers” 

"Author Richard G. Lewis is to be congratulated for being one of the rare breed of Internet marketers who places the horse where in belongs: Before The Cart.

In a world where all of the 'experts' want to teach you how to build a list or how to drive "insane amounts of traffic" to your web site, Richard asks you to pause and consider what is going to happen to all that traffic once it arrives. 

Understanding that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, 'Conversion' rips through the mystique and focuses on how to convert visitors to buyers. After all, it's not how many people visit your site that counts, it's how many leave you with some of their money at the end of the visit. ‘Conversion’ shows you, step-by-step, how to achieve that goal. 

Regardless of whether your site is already buried in traffic, or you're getting ready to launch your first business, this book gives you the methods and links to the tools you need to increase your conversion."

Duncan Judson, Best-Online-Shopping-Deals.com

"Enough Information to Improve Conversion Rates and Skyrocket Any Business" 

"Richard G. Lewis has nailed it with this ebook, once I started reading I could not stop. For me in my business conversions have been an issue that has been a riddle. I have continually asked the questions "How do I increase conversions? What do I need to do to sort this issue out and improve it?" Richard has answered my question, and shot me into another phase in the development of my business. I discovered there is more to conversion than putting a button on a website that says "Click Here Now".

The only problem I found with this ebook is not in the content, but the ebook left me wanting more information it's so well written, and in-depth.

The content of this e-book is thorough, and provides enough information to improve conversion rates and skyrocket any business. I can really understand why conversion is the difference between a few hundred and a few million dollars.

In my opinion, if any business is struggling with conversions in any area from advertising to sales funnel, this is the book you have been looking for." 

Ian Stables (author)

“Learn How To Write High Quality Ebooks In Six Simple Steps”

“This Guide Shows How to Dramatically Improve Conversion Rate Figures”

"Fact: Most people are trying to make money online but are not successful. The reason is that they are not concentrating on the right thing. By just improving your conversion rate by using buyer psychology people suddenly start to make an online income. This guide shows how to dramatically improve conversion rate figures. The author shows that by concentrating on your conversion rate then profits increase without doing anything else. If you also improve other things like your traffic and offer then further profits will result." 

Michael Glass


"Properly Create an Effective Sales Page That Converts" 

"I truly appreciated all of the information found within this ebook. It gave a clear framework for how to properly create an effective sales page that converts. More importantly, it helps you create an action plan to create a sales page. I look forward to seeing the results of the tweaks I learned from this e-book." 



"It's a Great Read, and Will Certainly Help You Increase Your Conversion Rate" 

This was one of the few ebooks that made me sit and read everything at a single stretch. If I am not wrong, Richard must be an expert in this area of marketing and he's got everything right in his product.

There are plenty of insights in this pdf for everyone to learn more about the way you should approach your customers, what visitors are looking for, and how to walk them to wherever you want in your site. Top notch stuff here!

Richard has clearly explained what you should be doing in order to achieve what you want to achieve. Not only that, but he has also listed a set of tools to conduct experiments and then improve conversions using the results gained.

Apart from the general agenda, like split testing, tracking etc. Richard has given more insights for every single aspect you'd need to concentrate on. I don't like to mention that, as it may reveal some inside information.

Overall, it's a great read, and will certainly help you increase your conversion rate. Cheers pal! 

Virgil Stanphill


"There's Some Really Good Information in There"

"The author offers a good explanation of why your site’s conversion rate is important, and why conversion analysis is what sets those who make real money online apart from those who struggle. He points out there are essentially 3 ways to increase profits: 1) Increase traffic; 2) Improve your offer; and 3) Increase your conversion rate.

Some of the factors he shares which influence conversion are: structure and elements of a sales page; your choice of words; how and when to use them; and, a very important reminder that "every step of a sales page should be relevant to the first search term or keyword, from the initial search all the way to your receipt page". 

In my mind the biggest strength of this book is what follows. He defines the sales funnel and gives several pages of detailed and valuable explanations of conversion metrics and ROI. There's some really good information in there. The book then closes with great advice about using Google's Webmaster Tools." 


"Color Psychology : Profit From The Psychology of Color"

This concise e-book covers everything you’ll ever need to know about Color Psychology, including:

  • How to Use Color to Effect Your Prospect's Mood
  • Which Combinations of Colors Work Best
  • A Psychological Evaluation of All The Most-Used Colors
  • How Colors Mean Different Things to Different Cultures
  • The "Magic" Colors That Can Increase Your Conversion
    (and the colors to avoid)
  • And so much more...

Jonathan Smith


"I Was Blown Away by The Information" 

"Great ebook. I was blown away by the information I was reading. I am not sure I have ever seen anything on the WarriorForum this cool.

I am a designer and this will influence some of my future design work." 

David J. Linden BizWebTX.com

“I Can Heartily Recommend This Report” 

“The main body of this report comprises twelve chapters, one each about the colors black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, violet, white, and yellow. For each color, the book describes the emotional reactions that people may be expected to evince, based on considerable research by psychologists.

The information and assertions in this report are written in a very straight-forward style, agree well with common sense, and are easily understood. Those using color with commercial intent may well benefit from reading and applying these precepts. Anybody engaged in split testing of landing pages, etc., will find much here of practical use.

I can heartily recommend this report to its intended audience, and I expect I shall put it to good use as I design my next website.” 

George Cuthbert


"It’s Fascinating"

"This short and to-the-point report goes into great detail about how colors can directly influence the emotions of humans.

As a practicing oil painter I am well used to the idea of using color in paintings to give a painting a particular mood and, consequently, convey that mood to the viewer. For some reason I have never thought of using color in this way when it comes to choosing colors for a website, such things as backgrounds, fonts and so on.

The report lists twelve of the most common colors and the reactions that most people have to them. It’s fascinating to see the way that certain institutions use these colors in order to influence people.

Richard has provided suggested color combinations to use in website page design depending on the type of website and the action that it is hoped to elicit from the visitor.

All in all, the information in this report should help marketers to plan the color schemes of their websites and sales pages with a view to provoking a specific reaction from their intended readers and so be more effective, rather than just choosing a few colors because they look nice." 

Jeff Gibson 

Mr. Affiliate

"Know Exactly What Color Combinations You Will Need to Use on Your Site"

"Color affects everything we do in our daily lives whether we recognize it or not. As I was reading the information inside this WSO, I could easily relate to why I chose the colors of my vehicle, clothes, glasses, etc. The colors I chose matched up perfectly to my personality, beliefs, etc. This WSO goes into detail about this.

The WSO goes over 12 colors, cultural differences, and the magic colors that will help you target specific audiences based on their color preferences. So for example if you have a site that offers one-off sales and impulse buying, you will know exactly what color combinations you will need to use on your site that will influence the buying process.

The WSO is a 27 page PDF that will explain the importance of colors that you use on your web sites and will guide you on the proper use of color and color combinations to psychologically influence the buying decisions of your site visitors." 

Kaan Bimplis

(Neurophysicist & Licensed NLP Trainer), NLPIstanbul.com

"Good Read, I Recommend it" 

"Have you ever wondered which is the most profitable color combination for web sales pages? Which color is most conducive to making visitors feel least resistant to spend money?

Which color combination helps boost one-off sales? What colors harm your sales pages and unconsciously evoke mistrust? 

These are just some of the secrets of the magical world of color that will be revealed to you in Richard G Lewis's book "COLOR: How To Profit From The Powerful Psychological Influence of Color"

There are so many ways that you can benefit from understanding the language of color. Not only will you earn more money by color-optimizing your sales pages, you could also offer consultation services to offline clients analyzing their website color scheme and explain basic color psychology to them. You will instantly become an authority and gain trust. This book is an excellent and easy way to get you started. Good read, I recommend it." 

Steve Shulenski StartaPhotographyBusinessToday.com

“If You’re Not Sure Which are The Best Color Combinations to Use For Your Website… Then this is a Must Read.” 

I had the privilege of receiving a review copy of “How To Profit From The Powerful Psychological Influence of Color”. It was an enjoyable, quick 27 page read that took each color and dissected how that color influences the viewer, how it creates certain moods and the psychology behind it.

If you’re not sure which are the best color combinations to use for your website, newsletter or sales pages then this is a must read.

Richard is absolutely right that the ‘secret sauce’ is PSYCHOLOGY. One of my most prized possessions is my copy of the book “Influence” and these 27 pages could be considered the missing chapter to the secrets of influence.

I was about to change the colors on my site because I once heard or read somewhere that green was not a good color to use (my site has a lot of green tones) but after reading Richard’s book I now know my first choice will help evoke the feelings and mood of my target niche in exactly the way I want.

Every little edge in business helps and knowing how color affects people can certainly help make your sales pages or website convert better. 

Ethan Ang NicheMarketingSite.com

“It Teaches You How to Improve the Mood of the Reader and Buyer, and Increase Profitability”

"COLOR: How to Profit From The Powerful Psychological Influence of Color" is an easy to read e-book that covers the characteristics of 12 different colors.

We may have observed that colors play a part in our daily lives but how many of us really understand the choice of colors in different applications? This e-book helps us understand the psychological influence of colors and how our choice of colors can help us OPTIMIZE what we are already involved in.

If you think this e-book can help you bring millions to your sales site instantly, that is the wrong expectation. Instead, it teaches you how to improve the mood of the reader and buyer, and increase profitability. Color combinations which create moods such as nurturing, romance, tranquility, sensuousness, contemplative etc. are covered. Another very valuable topic, which is also my favourite topic in the e-book, is "The magic colors".

If you belong to one of the following categories: Graphic designers, Website owners, Fashion designers, Retail business owners, Marketers, or Individuals looking for success in life, do not hesitate to pick up a copy of this e-book and start making a difference to your life today!” 



I use these three info graphics as a quick reference every time I write copy:

1.“The PsychoProfits™ 21 Module Copywriting System”

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3.“The Seven Pillars of Persuasion” (7 of the 21 Laws of Persuasion)

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Hypnotic Headlines