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"All the top marketers you know about online write their own stuff."

John Carlton, Copywriting Legend

And, nearly ALL Top Marketers Have a Qualification in Psychology, some even have Masters Degrees and PhDs in Psychology.

Frank Kern, Rich Schefren, Ryan Deiss, Mike Filsaime, Mark Joyner, Mark Ling, Joe Vitale Marlon Sanders ( and many more )all admit...

PERSUASION is the #1 Secret to Marketing Success!

"Social Psychology is the next frontier… When people realize that this is really what needs to be implemented inside their marketing, the results they'll get will improve dramatically."

Rich Schefren, Strategic Profits

"To become a successful direct response marketer, it pays to learn as much about the psychology of the mind as possible."

Alex Mandossian, alexmandossian.com

"If you can become a good persuader it really doesn’t matter what medium you get into."

Mark Joyner, Simpledogy

"It's much better to be a master of basic persuasion than anything else."

Mark Ling, Affilorama

"In an increasingly competitive online environment you must master words and persuasion to win."

Eben Pagan, GetAltitude.com

Dear Friend,

I'm Richard G. Lewis, a (semi) retired internet marketer, copy writer
and best-selling published author. I'm an ordinary guy from a blue-
collar family that has been fortunate to make a lot of money online.

My lucky break came the day I was given the best advice any
marketer could follow (I'll reveal what that advice was later).

That lucky break changed my life and allowed me and my partner
to profit from over 20 online niches, including: divorce, dating,
data recovery, law, education, entertainment, financial services,
personal injury, recruitment, real estate etc...

From over 70 websites we made $9.5 million in just 6 years.

Guess what? I wrote the sales copy for every one of them. I've
written landing pages that convert at up to 72%.

Many of those sites are in highly targeted niches but even in
generic markets I still enjoy conversion rates of at least 7.2%
using the exact same sales letter formula I'll reveal to you.

This formula made me enough money to be a permanent traveler,
living in LA, London, Dubai, the Caribbean, Hong Kong etc.

Last year I spent $250,000+ on 5-Star vacations around the world...

And plenty of $1,000 + days

I wasn't always so successful. It seems like only yesterday that I couldn't make a cent online. I was $39K in debt, sleeping on my best friend's sofa.

My girlfriend left me because she was sick to death of me spending all my time in front of my laptop, red-eyed, and unshaven.

I'd say, "I'll crack this internet marketing thing soon, just a few more days!" But soon the days turned into months and still nothing to show for it.

Maybe you're in the same position?

 Yes? Then I know EXACTLY how you feel because that used to be me!

  • Are you worried about money?
  • Are you unemployed, or in a low paying job you hate?
  • Are you unfulfilled or frustrated because you know you could do as well as anyone else if you could just get that first break?
  • Are you suffering from analysis paralysis or information overload?
  • Are you confused, with no step-by-step system to follow?
  • Are you unfocused and distracted by the constant barrage of emails about the latest "must-have" course?
  • Are you scared of risking your money because you don't know who to trust?
  • Are you wasting your limited time, money, and resources on junk products or bad advice that doesn't work?
  • Are you running out of time and money?
  • Are you under pressure to make things happen fast?
  • Are you beginning to feel desperate for the guidance you need?
  • Are you still looking for the skill that will consistently make you money

Weird But True Story…

My fortune changed the day I met a Physics Professor who had turned his
genius towards making money online. After years of in-depth research he
had come to this conclusion, "Master Copywriting and sales psychology, you can hire monkeys for peanuts to put the rest of your sales funnel together!"

I didn’t want to hear it, but he was right - Copywriting and Persuasion
Are The Most Vital Marketing Skills You Can Learn

"Copywriting - the most vital skill you can learn. Arm yourself 
with the power to move people with words and you'll need little 
else to make money anytime and anywhere you choose."

Mike Lantz, The Warrior Forum

Demand for this skill never fades. It never will. It's the ultimate internet marketing skill. Learn the secret, become a gifted writer, and you'll never go hungry.

"No matter what you sell - or what business you're in - nothing drives sales through the roof more than top-notch sales copy.

Rich Schefren, 1M Guru

Do You Want Financial Freedom? Time for Your Family and Friends and The Respect of Your Peers All From Using Your Creative Skills?

Let me tell you what your poor sales copy is doing... it's ruining your future and
possibly your children’s future! Right now you could be earning more money
than you or your children will ever need simply by changing a few words on
a freaking webpage!

Imagine if you mastered the greatest marketing skill of all? You'd have a skill
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Better still, learn the secret format, techniques, and psychological tactics used
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You'll start enjoying life to the full…

  • Pay Off All Your Debts
  • Tell Your Boss Where to Stick His Job
  • Make Your Family and Friends Proud of You
  • Start Your Own Profitable, Sustainable, Business
  • Rapidly Achieve the Lifestyle You and Your Family Deserve
  • Have Time For Your Family, Foreign Holidays, and Hobbies
  • Show Your In-Laws That Internet Marketing is NOT "a Waste of Time"
  • Secure The Financial Security of You and Your Loved Ones
  • Invest Profits into More Profitable Businesses

Do You Want the Unfair Advantage of Mastering Psychology and Persuasive Copywriting?

Introducing PsychoProfits™ v2.O.

The Concise, Step-by-Step, Easy-to-Understand Guide to Using Psychology to Write Profit-Exploding Sales Letters

Based on scientifically-proven buyer behavior research this new course
Follows ALL The 21 Laws of Persuasion and then systematically breaks
down each and every one of your reader's objections until they eagerly
find themselves credit card-in-hand at your payment confirmation page.

Here's what you'll get...

  • A Comprehensive Professional Copywriting Course Useful ForAll Levels of Experience, from beginner to hard-nosed pro copywriter
  • 100+ Pages of In-Depth Research, Information and Advice
    (no double-spacing, no padding, just unique premium-quality content)
  • A Complete Sales Letter Format and Formula (a proven template
    to build your sales letter - as used by almost every top sales copy writer)
  • Secret Psychology Techniques (psychotherapists use these to uncover
    what people really want - even if they don’t consciously know it)
  • A Detailed Flow Path (so that you understand exactly where each
    piece of the persuasion puzzle is used and why)
  • Countless EXAMPLES of the exact words, phrases and sentences
    used in the most profitable sales letters|
  • All The Psychological Triggers behind every technique used in
    the best sales letters and why each one is used (worth $1 ,000s)
  • A Detailed Explanation of The Purpose of Each Part of a
    Professional Sales Letter's Structure (and why they're needed)
  • Every Psychological Theory relevant to each section of a sales letter
  • Everything Explained in Every-Day, Jargon-Free, English
  • All The Latest State-Of-The Art Copywriting Techniques
    and sales psychology theories
  • The Easiest Copywriting System Available to the Public
  • A "Level of Importance" Guide For Each Sector (to help you
    work out which sections are relevant to the product you're selling)
  • A Guide to The Purpose of Each Part of The Letter's Structure
    (so you understand where each module of the template
    is used, and why)
  • A "Best Practice" Section For Every Component of The Blueprint
    (so that you quickly gain a mastery of the main practices and techniques used by the top sales copy writers)
  • A Guide to Which Parts of Your Sales Letter You Should Test
    (to maximize your sales conversion rates)
  • Insider Professional Tips on how to optimize your sales copy for
    maximum conversion rates
  • The vital secret of how to Unleash The Subconscious Power of
    Persuasive Storytelling
  • How to ethically use all the latest Cutting-Edge, Scientifically-Tested
    and Proven Persuasion Techniques
  • A million dollar sales letter format that has been Tested, Tweaked,
    and Refined By The World's Top Sales Copywriters
  • The comprehensive 21- module template used by professional sales
    copy writers to Write World Class Sales Letters, Every Time
  • How to Write Pro Sales Letter Copy in Under 27 Minutes
  • A proven "A to B" sales letter writing formula and A Fast Track to
    Mastering Profit-Building Sales Psychology

Why Is This Course So Unique?

The PsychoProfits™ course is different from any other sales letter copywriting course because other courses just describe copywriting techniques, or structures, or how to use "power" words, or rely on analyzing successful sales letters or headlines to use them as a guide.

This isn’t just a simple join-the-dots template - this is a comprehensively
researched A to Z of EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Writing
Sales Letters and the Psychology of Persuasion.

Mastering this system requires NO Special Education and You Don't
Need Any Great Knowledge of English (or special talent).

Other Copywriting Courses, That Sell For Between $1,000 and
$10,000, Don't Have Any More Depth Of Research, up-to-date
information, or comprehensive research than this e-book offers you.

No other course even attempts to explain the psychology behind the
reasons for using the techniques professional copywriters use.

This course goes further...

This is a CAREER in PDF Format!

After reading this book you'll be able to...

  • Produce Pro Quality Sales Letters in Under 27 Minutes
    (saving you hours to develop other parts of your business)
  • Structure a Professional Sales Letter Professionally, including
    the correct sequence, format, and flow formula used for every section
  • Master the Power of Persuasion and Psychology, and the
    psychological triggers at every point in the persuader process
  • Construct Any Kind of Sales Letter (use long or short copy, and
    any format) by following this switch & swap modular system
  • Follow this template to write 95% of the copy then just add 5%
    of your own insights, information or personality to Make a World
  • Class Sales Letters again and again
  • Stop Your Prospect Asking "What's in it for ME?"
  • Understand What Your Reader is Really Thinking
  • Craft Hypnotic, Attention-Grabbing Headlines (plus Pre-
    Headlines and Sub-Headlines) using a 'works-every-time" rule
  • Construct Mesmerizing Openings and Deck Copy that'll force
    your reader to dive straight into your sales copy and not come up
    for air until they reach your "Buy Now" button
  • Qualify Your Prospects Quickly and Accurately
  • Gain Your Prospect's Trust using Personalization Techniques
  • Improve Your Credibility and Authority without looking like
    an arrogant "know-it-all"
  • Maximize Your Trustworthiness by using your life expertise,
    qualifications, or experience and gain your prospect's respect
  • Use Your Unique "Story" to Seduce Your Readers and get them
    to like and empathize with you (a powerful combination of
  • Agitate Your Prospect's Problem The Right Way (you've got to
    get this just right- don't agitate them enough and they won't buy,
    agitate them too much and they'll be gone)
  • Introduce Your Solution at Just The Right Time for optimum
    results (so many marketers still get this wrong)
  • Present Your Products or Service's Information in a way that
    your reader can value what they're getting for their cash
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage Over Your Competitors by
    using the 'Law of Comparison" to help
  • Identify the Specific Benefits that REALLY Matter to your target
    customer and exploit a little known technique that can uncover
    multiple benefits in any product (even if you didn't realize
    they were there)
  • Position Your Testimonials for MAXIMUM Response
  • Pick Out Which Kind of Testimonial Will Increase Sales
  • Use The Optimum Number of Relevant Bonuses at the right time
    (too many bonuses are actually a waste, too few and you may not
    add enough perceived 'value')
  • Create your own 'Irresistible Offer' (the 2nd most important factor)
  • Justify The Price You're Asking For Your Product so that your
    prospect feels like he or she has got a great deal
  • Introduce Scarcity Correctly to compel your reader to take action
  • Write a Guarantee that removes any thoughts of risk from your
    prospect's mind
  • Focus Your Prospect's Actions so that they know exactly what they
    need to do and what they'll get
  • Use High-Converting "Calls to Action" to stop your prospects
    time-wasting and get them to buy
  • Use "Power" Words For Maximum Effect (and when to use them)
  • Warn Your Customer of the risk of NOT buying your product
  • Use Your Personal Signature to create trust with your reader
  • Add Powerfully Persuasive Post Scripts (most writers don't know
    how to use these or where to place your most persuasive "P.S.")
  • Compose "Joints" That Smoothly Connect Each Section so that
    your reader is pulled rather than pushed through this almost
  • Infallible Persuasion System
  • Understand How the Human Mind Works (and how to change it!)
  • Influence Customers' Subconscious Decision-Making Process
  • Exploit More Than 200 Years of Research and testing into
    direct marketing and internet marketing persuasion techniques
  • Craft Professional Super-Converting Hypnotic Headlines
  • Write the Most Persuasive Sales Copy of Your Life
  • Acquire a Valuable, Reusable Evergreen Marketing Skill
  • Understand Any Audience's Mindset (in any niche)
  • Know Exactly How Your Target Audience Thinks
  • Feel Confident and Comfortable Writing for Any Audience
  • Master the Thinking Processes Behind Every Part of a Sales
    Letter (and why it's used)
  • Quickly Increase Your Sales Conversion Rates, your earnings,
    and your success levels
  • Produce Professional Quality Writing (whenever you need it)
    Write Hardcore or Soft-Sell Sales Letters as Required
  • Tweak The PsychoProfits™ Formula for any writing assignment
  • Use The Accumulated Knowledge of the World's Most
  • Talented Sales Letter Copy Writers
  • Avoid Making Expensive Copy Writing Mistakes, Ever!
  • Drastically Increase Your Sales Conversions
  • Sell your own products and Keep Every Penny of The Profits
  • Gain The Same Expert Knowledge as 99% of Elite Marketers
  • You'll Never Need Another Copywriting Product
  • Anyone Can Use This Formula… A-N-Y-O-N-E!

Anthony Tilley

“I cannot believe what I have read!!! Not only can I not believe what I have read, I can't believe how much you are charging for this!!! This really is the most comprehensive, informed and professionally written e-book I have ever read, it really is in a class of its own.

When I saw it was over 100 pages, even though I really want to polish my copy writing skills, I did wonder if I would be able get through it. But the way the book is structured it makes for an incredibly easy read that leads perfectly from one chapter to the next, which I guess I shouldn't be surprised about from such a reputable author such as yourself.

Many people may not realize this but Richard is a best-selling author having written "The Small Guide to Business on the internet", which at the time was the only book in the world for SMEs on the subject of e-commerce and the internet revolution.
All I can say Richard is thank you for this book, and to anyone reading this even if you consider yourself an experienced copy writer you have got to get your hands on this and just immerse yourself in it, and you will soon realize you are not as experienced as you thought you were.

Well done, a superb and incredibly informative piece of writing. Thanks.”

Lynn Terry ClickNewz.com

"This is GOOD stuff."

"I love the sales copy examples included - and particularly enjoyed the ‘21 Step Flow Formula’ for writing a GREAT sales letter that starts on Page 14 of the main course. This is GOOD stuff. Exactly what I was looking for in my quest for step-by-step instructions on writing sales copy that converts.

It's all about sales copy, copywriting techniques, the art of persuasion, the psychology behind colors and how they influence buying decisions, etc. VERY in depth."

Mark Hess MarketinginUnderwear.com

I don't personally know Richard, but I've heard the name "Richard Lewis" thrown around in some groups I'm a part of, this is the first time seeing one of his products...

This is ridiculously good... and it's not just for product creators or hardcore copywriters.

This information can be used if you're an affiliate marketer, video marketer, blogger, email marketer, involved in MLM, anyone who wants to get people to take action the minute they hit your page. So don't think, "this isn't for me", if you're in the business of getting more sales, more subscribers, or want more people in your downline, this is definitely for you.

He has a simple idea on page 76 that I'm going to start implementing immediately and the "flow formula" is excellent.

Everything is broken down and explained in plain English (which is rare for a product like this) and all the tips and tricks are highly actionable so you can incorporate these things right away.

Very well done... I just told my list about it.

Rob Cornish

"The psychological secrets Richard reveals in Psycho Profits allow you to tap directly into the hard wired decision making processes of your prospect's mind.

One after the other, Richard provides powerful techniques that you can deploy in virtually any medium you choose: sales letters, video, email or even speaking on stage. Without Psycho Profits you are only scratching the surface of your potential."

Seth Larrabee 

“Loving the Copy and Persuasion Training”

"Hey Richard, just wanted to stop by and tell you how bad ass your latest copywriting program is my man. Loving the copy and persuasion training.

Keep on ROCKIN brutha!!!"

Igor Kheifets

"Whenever I buy a new copywriting ebook/course, I always look for quickly applicable tips that I can implement immediately in my business to make more money. I was (honestly) surprised to find A LOT of these in Richard's WSO. The fact of the matter is, while the title conveys an unrealistic benefit (c'mon, I know Richard is not making a million dollar from one salesletter), I enjoyed reading it so much, it now goes to my usb flash drive where I keep all my valuable copywriting material for reference. Thanks Ricky, honestly enjoyed this one. Looking forward to the next one."

David Eisner

"Richard's written a copywriting masterpiece right here. If you take the time to read this, it's possible you might know more about writing a ridiculously high-quality sales letter than 99% of the "experts" out there. Of course, experience and practice is the only thing that will make you become an expert - but at least with this you will have the blueprint to success and a framework to apply every time. THAT is what produces CONSISTENT results. Anybody can get lucky and write ONE good sales letter. But do they have a framework to do it over and over again? That is the key. You will have it when you read what Richard has provided here. This is a top-notch WSO - I guarantee that it is far above the quality and quantity that you are expecting."

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If you order "PsychoProfits" today you'll also be entitled to....



Module 22: FREE Giveaways (how to use the 'Ethical Bribe')
Module 23: The Purchase Page Phase (avoid 'Shopping Cart Abondonmet) Module 24: The Post-Purchase Evaluation Phase (prevent 'Buyer's Remorse')
Module 25: The Follow-Up Phase (this is where the REAL money is made!)


TWO Full Example Sales Letters


The E-Book "Conversion" (How to Convert Your Visitors into Customers)


The E-Book "Conversion" (How to Convert Your Visitors into Customers)


1 full-length professional standard sales letter using all the techniques, sections, and psychological triggers outlined in this course.

AND 1 full sales letter that’s broken down into sections to make double-sure that you know exactly how to use this sales letter writing blueprint.


"Conversion Secrets: How to REALLY Convert Visitors into Customers"

All the practical things you need to know about conversion, including:

  • Why Your Customer Conversion Rate is SO Important
  • An Action Plan for Increasing Your Conversion Rates
    (and Your Profits)
  • How The BIG MONEY is Made Online
  • How to Improve Your Visitor/Customer Conversion Rate
  • What Conversion Psychology is and How to Exploit it
  • How to Improve Your Offer to Increase Sales Conversion
  • How to Track, Influence, and Persuade Your Traffic
  • How to Set Your Conversion Goals and Why You Need Them
  • Testing Your Whole Sales Funnel for Bottlenecks
  • Knowing Your Key Performance Indicators (KPls)
  • Advanced Conversion Metrics You Should Be Tracking
    (every successful internet marketer knows these)
  • How to Set and Improve Your Overall Purchase Conversion
  • The Best (and Cheapest) Conversion Optimization Tools
  • And so much more...


"Color Psychology : Profit From The Psychology of Color"

This concise e-book covers everything you’ll ever need to know about Color Psychology, including:

  • How to Use Color to Effect Your Prospect's Mood
  • Which Combinations of Colors Work Best
  • A Psychological Evaluation of All The Most-Used Colors
  • How Colors Mean Different Things to Different Cultures
  • The "Magic" Colors That Can Increase Your Conversion
    (and the colors to avoid)
  • And so much more...

This Course Will Save You 1,000s of Dollars and Years of Study, testing, and research - no sifting through endless psychology books and journals, or studying the best copywriting books, articles, and courses.

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"The most important investment you can make is in yourself."

Warren Buffett, Investment Genius

P.S. If you came to this page looking for information on how to convert more of your visitors into customers through scientifically-proven, super- persuasive sales copy, This Course is for YOU. No other resource offers such in-depth insights into writing professional-standard sales letters. 

P.P.S. Copywriting can be easy when explained in a simple, logical, step-by-step system. Give it a try.

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"The book you don't read won't help." 

Jim Rohn ,Business Guru