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Subject: At Last! Copywriting Made Easy...
Subject: At Last! An Affordable Copywriting Course
Subject: Get Ready! Life-Changing Opportunity to Come...

Hey [[firstname]],

At Last! I've found a professional copywriting
course that makes sales copywriting simple,
easy and very affordable.

This is a potentially life-changing opportunity
because copywriting and persuasion techniques
are the number one skills that all marketing
gurus claim is their key to success.

As you probably know, copywriting courses don't
come along very often and they're never cheap,
so take my advice and grab this with both hands.

Warm Regards,

P.S. This is a limited time offer...


Subject: Unique Copywriting and Persuasion System
Subject: The ONE Skill ALL Millionaire Marketers Master
Subject: Save $80 Today!

Hey [[firstname]],

There's a new and unique Copywriting and Persuasion
System "PsychoProfits" It's a comprehensive
course that breaks down the sales letter writing
process into 21 modules to make it simple for you
to construct high conversion sales copy.

Check it out here [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Obviously, when you master writing persuasive sales
copy you'll make A LOT more money and you'll be able
to save $1,000s in copywriting fees.

The ONE Skill ALL Millionaire Marketers Master is
PERSUASION (usually in the form of copy writing).
Here's your chance to join them [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Warm Regards,

P.S. "PsychoProfits" is a $97 copywriting
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Subject: The "Mind Control" Secret of the Gurus
Subject: Top Marketers Only Learn This One Skill
Subject: Master This (Outsource Everything Else)!

Hey [[firstname]],

If you've been in Internet Marketing for any
length of time you've probably heard about the
"Mind Control" Secrets used by the IM Gurus
like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson etc.

The term "Mind Control" makes me smile because
no one can control your mind but it is a fact
that our decision making can be influenced through
the use of proven persuasion techniques.

Top Marketers concentrate most of the time and
energy on learning this one super skill. They
master persuasion (e.g. copywriting) and outsource
every other part of their business operations!

Click Here [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK] to find out more.

Read every word of the sales page, study how
everything is strategically constructed in an
order that takes you systematically through
the persuasion process.

Look out for psychological buying triggers
and persuasion techniques and take notes.


Warm Regards,

P.S. Find out why the top marketers only
master one skill and then outsource every-

Subject: Just 24 Hours Left!
Subject: Tick, Tock, Time's Running Out...

Hey [[firstname]],

Here are 3 facts about making money online:

FACT #1: Your sales copy DECIDES YOUR PROFIT.

"Poor Copy equals Poverty."
Jon Benson, Video Sales Letter Guru.

FACT #2: You can't do everything yourself so
you have to decide which one skill you need
to master.

"Do what you do best and outsource the rest."
Rich Schefren, Internet Marketing Guru.

FACT #3: Most marketing millionaires #1 priority
skill is PERSUASION (Copywriting etc.).

“All the top marketers you know about
online write their own stuff.”
John Carlton, Copywriting Guru.

If you want to master persuasion in the fastest
time for the lowest cost click here


Warm Regards,

P.S. Take the advice of a marketing legend...

"Learn to write sales copy and create offers and
messages that sell. There is something that will
ALWAYS product results for you, LONG after the
latest, greatest fad has come and gone."
Marlon Sanders, IM Guru.


Subject: From 39K in Debt to $9.6M in the Bank!
Subject: The #1 Marketing Skill...
Subject: Simple Step-by-Step Copywriting System

Hey [[firstname]],

Discover how an ordinary guy who was over 39K in debt
was told the secret to making money and went on to make
$9.6 Million in just 6 years!

You too can master the #1 Marketing Skill by following
a simple Step-by-Step Copywriting and Persuasion System.


Warm Regards,

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Subject: Become a Copywriter...
Subject: The #1 Secret to Making Money Online...
Subject: Don't Pay $1,000s For a Copy Writer!

Hey [[firstname]],

What if you were given the chance to master the
#1 highest paying skill in Internet Marketing?

Would you grab that golden, once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity with both hands and squeeze it to
your chest so that no one could wrestle it from
you? Or would you leave it like a loser?

Today you could take the first step towards
becoming a top copywriter...
Subject: The #1 Secret to Making Money Online...
Subject: Don't Pay $1,000s For a Copy Writer!


Warm Regards,

P.S. Remember, this is a genuine limited offer,
check out the sales letter HERE [YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Subject: FACT: You Can't Sell Without Copy...
Subject: You Only Need ONE Skill.
Subject: "You Don't Need Copywriting Skills!"

Hey [[firstname]],

Have you ever heard any experienced marketer
or marketing coach say "You Don't Need Copy-
writing Skills!"?

No, of course not, because you can't sell
anything without sales copy.

It's a fact; even video sales letters need
a script full of persuasion triggers and
psychological sales techniques if it's going
to convert leads into buyers.


Warm Regards,

P.S. You'll never sell anything without sales
copy - it's the only skill you'll need.


Subject: Just 12 Hours Left!
Subject: Don't Miss Out!
Subject: Gone Forever in 12 Hours...

Hey [[firstname]],

"What is your number one asset in business...
and in life? Persuasion."
Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street

Frank Kern, Rich Schefren, Ryan Deiss,
Mike Filsaime, Mark Joyner, Mark Ling,
Joe Vitale, Marlon Sanders (and many more)
all admit...

PERSUASION is the #1 Secret to Marketing Success!

"It's much better to be a master of basic
persuasion, than anything else."
Mark Ling, Affilorama

"Social Psychology is the next frontier…
When people realize that this is really
what needs to be implemented inside their
marketing; the results they'll get will
improve dramatically."
Rich Schefren, StrategicProfits

"In an increasingly competitive online
environment you must master words and
persuasion to win."
Eben Pagan, GetAltitude.com

As online marketers We use WORDS (in sales
letters or videos) to persuade our prospects.

“All the top marketers you know about
online write their own stuff.”
John Carlton, Copywriting Legend

NOW (for a limited period only) is your chance
to discover all the Copywriting and Persuasion
tips, tricks and triggers used by the top
Marketing Gurus.


Warm Regards,

P.S. Nearly ALL Top Marketers Have a Qualification
in Psychology, some even have Masters Degrees and
PhDs in Psychology.

You don't need to spend 1,000s of dollars or 1,000s
of hours of studying. You can be a an expert of
copywriting and persuasion within days.


"To become a successful direct response marketer,
it pays to learn as much about the psychology of
the mind as possible."
Alex Mandossian, alexmandossian.com

"If you can become a good persuader it really
doesn't matter what medium you get into."
Mark Joyner, Simpleology.


Article 1

Want to Write Sales Copy Like a Pro?
(Great Information, Crazy Low Price)

Most people assume that "copy" is only meant for sales letters or advertising text. That's not the case. Everything you write online for or about your business is copy - intentional or not.
This includes social media updates, blog post titles, email subject lines, email content, your opt-in form, blog posts and articles even.
If you want to get clicks, make sales, get clients, build your list, or grow your business at all... you really have to make those words count.
Let's take opt-in copy for example. I often see "Sign Up For My Newsletter" above a subscription form. First, nobody wants to sign up for yet another newsletter. Second, you're describing what it is to you: MY newsletter.
Instead, you want to focus on the benefits - or the results your visitor can expect when they subscribe.
(Always sell results, not products or information!)
Whether you write product reviews, create product descriptions for an e-commerce site, have list-building squeeze pages, or create and sell digital products - really, no matter what your niche or business model, you need to learn basic copywriting skills.
The psychology behind "how copy works" is fascinating; as is the use of color, and how it influences decisions subconsciously. It's not rocket science (thank goodness) but it's a highly valuable and leverageable skill that will give you a huge advantage online.
I've mentioned this copywriting course to you before, on my blog and in an email last week. If you didn't grab a copy of that product, I highly recommend you get it today.
Here's why...
You can currently download the entire package, including all of the bonuses, for only $27. I just checked and the special offer is still live. This is a $97 course, so waiting will cost you $80. And even at $97 it's a great value. But at $27... it's a no-brainer.
There's a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. This is one you'll thank me for showing you! I ordered it myself, and I was seriously impressed with the depth of content!
If you've already downloaded the entire package, I encourage you to dig in and start studying the course and the examples, as well as the bonus guides. I particularly liked the "21 Step Flow Formula" that starts on Page 14 of the main course.
You'll love this one...
Get it Here
But don't wait, because I'm not sure when the offer will end. I didn't expect it to still be available when I checked a few minutes ago, but I was pleasantly surprised that it was!
Enjoy :-)

P.S. This is one course EVERY business owner needs in their library, because it can make the difference between "getting by" and having a super successful online business - that earns more money in less time.
Imagine what more sales, more traffic, more clicks and more subscribers would be worth to you right now. Way more than $27, obviously. ;-) Get started today!

*Disclosure: I ordered this course myself, I completely love it so far, this is my referral link, and I am Facebook Friends with Richard G. Lewis (the author).

Article 2

Want to Write Sales Copy Like a Pro?

Over the weekend I was doing some research, looking for examples of great sales letters to “swipe” (I have a product launch coming up).
After reading several “guru” sales pages there was one sales letter that really stood out; not surprisingly it was selling a copywriting course!
In fact, the sales letter was so good it worked on ME and I decided to purchase the product. That's how I know it's good. ;-)
If you are serious about improving your sales copywriting skills (and your profits) I recommend you look at it as much for the brilliant sales letter example it is in itself, as you do for the great offer.
Examine it; notice how you respond to it, what appeals to you, what pulls you in, how far you scroll, what stands out to you, etc.
Remember, copywriting and persuasion are the most powerful skills, with the greatest leverage, that you can have as a marketer – learn these skills and you are almost guaranteed to improve your profits.
Disclosure: I purchased the product myself, I like it so far - A LOT, I have used my affiliate link, and I am Facebook Friends with Richard G. Lewis (the author).

Pre-Written Reviews

Pro Copywriting and Persuasion Techniques

Over the weekend I was looking for copywriting courses and books to review. Honestly, apart from the super expensive courses offered by the copywriting Gurus, the quality of copywriting advice and teaching is poor.
The main reason I say that is because nearly all the advice out there is dispensed in unconnected chunks of knowledge that are only any good to you if you're keeping a rolodex of swipes, cheat sheets and index cards. Who's got time for that?
I was looking for a resource that was (a) not prohibitively expensive, (b) included an easy-to-follow sales letter format, and (c) had plenty of real-world advice, case studies and examples all in one place.
BINGO! I found it. The product is called "PsychoProfits" and it's currently selling for only $27 - which, as you probably know, is ridiculously cheap for ANYthing related to copywriting techniques.
It's all about sales copy, copywriting techniques, the art of persuasion, the psychology behind colors and how they influence buying decisions, etc. VERY in depth. VERY good.
This is a NEW and unique sales letter copy writing course in PDF format (over 100 pages). It offers a detailed explanation of Sales Psychology Techniques and how they should be applied in writing high-conversion sales pages. It's high quality, very well written and includes plenty of detailed instructions, examples and case studies.
Most people think of copywriting as ONLY being associated with writing sales letters. But copy is actually used in everything you do online - from blog post titles, articles, blog posts, email subject lines, email content, opt-in copy, and even social media updates.
It's ALL "copy" - whether you do it intentionally, with good results, or... not.
Anyway, PsychoProfits is an excellent product that has four unique features that make it a cut above almost all the other copywriting courses out there:
1.A Flow Chart of how the pro copywriters structure a sales letter
2.A detailed explanation of the psychology behind every section of a sales letter
3.The purpose of every section of a sales letter (how it influences decision-making)
4.Real-world examples of successful sales copy (100s of them)
This simple new copywriting system will make it so much easier for you to quickly structure a high quality sales message.
The course splits the blueprint of a sales letter into 21 modules (e.g. headline module, benefits module, guarantee module etc.) that you can mix and match to create any sales pitch. For example, you can use all 21 modules for a long form sales letter or use just ten modules or less for a short sales page or video.
I recommend you look at it as much for the brilliant sales letter example it is in itself, as you do for the great offer. Examine it. Notice how you respond to it, what appeals to you, what pulls you in, how far you scroll, what stands out to you, etc.
My only reservation would be that it may be a little too long and in-depth for some newbies but you can always pick out the bits (modules) you need and keep things very simple but still effective.
Personally, I appreciated the sales copy examples included - and particularly enjoyed the "21 Step Flow Formula" for writing a GREAT sales letter that starts on Page 14 of the main course. This is GOOD stuff - exactly what I was looking for in my quest for step-by-step instructions on writing sales copy that converts. You can check it out for yourself here.
Great resource. Great price. Great examples: PsychoProfits
Enjoy! :D
Warm Regards,

P.S. Obviously the $27 price point is a limited time offer. Richard (the author) is offering it that cheap as a means of getting a top ranking in the network, to get Affiliates and JV Partners, and to get rave reviews and testimonials before he raises it to a more appropriate price ($97 or more) - which all works to your advantage (and is an example in itself!).
P. P.S. If you are serious about mastering the persuasive techniques and sales psychology used by the top marketers keep an eye out for the OTO up-sell. ;-)

Disclosure: I purchased the product myself, I like it so far - A LOT, I have used my affiliate link, and I am Facebook Friends with Richard G. Lewis (the author).