If you'd like  a Seasoned Pro to Look Over Your Sales Page  and give you in-depth advice about how to make it more possible then this is for you...

How to Own a World Class
Sales Page in Just 10 Days
(While You Put Your Feet UP)

If you're like 95% of internet marketers you write your own sales copy because you can't afford to hire a pro copywriter.

That's OK, but if you're honest you sometimes hear a little voice in your head asking "Is this copy good enough?"

Imagine having a highly experienced professional copywriter to check over your sales page and share with you all the top tricks of the trade.

Your Smartest Investment

Smart business people get their mentors, coaches or peers to validate their work because they want to be reassured that they're doing the right things, especially if their income depends on it.

That's why so many struggling marketers (as well as millionaire business owners) ask me "Would you read my sales page and give your opinion?"

Why Do Marketers Ask Me For Help?

Dear Friend,

I'm Richard G. Lewis - I've been a fulltime internet marketer since 1998. I wrote the very first Make-Money-Online book "The Small Business Guide to the Internet" published in 1999.

I've written 100s of sales pages and opt-in pages in dozens of different niches and made over $9.5 million on my last 6 years of fulltime marketing (before going into semi retirement and travelling the world).

I wasn't always so successful - when I first tried to make money online I really struggled to make a cent - sound familiar?

My breakthrough was when I discovered the power of persuasion.

Once I uncovered the mind control potential of copywriting I made serious money very quickly. Again and again mastering persuasive copywriting has proven to be my biggest return on Investment ever.

"A Good, high converting sales copy is one of the best investments you could ever make for your product."

Dean Holland,


Is there anything worse than having your fellow marketers laughing behind your back at your poor sales copy? Maybe there is - having you customers laughing in your face at your amateur-looking sales letter!

Reputation is everything these days - social media will rip you to pieces if you're anything less than professional (and you won't sell a thing).

If you don't present a well-written, professional-looking sales page to your prospects, your affiliates will drop you like a sack of snakes.

"Poor Copy Equals Poverty"

Jon Benson,

Video Sales Letter Guru

The Five Biggest Sales Page Mistakes

  • Lack of a Unique Promise
  • Lack of a Flowing Narrative (i.e. a proven system or blueprint)
  • Lack of Convincing Detail (i.e. trust creation, proof etc.)
  • Lack of an Irresistible Offer
  • Lack of a Reason to Act Now

As you know, your sales page is your most important asset and the biggest influence on your level of income. You have to write and design every part until it hits that emotional sweet spot with your perfect prospect.

How I can Help...

The purpose of your sales page review will be to Optimize your sales page conversion rate. I'll take a long, hard look at your sales copy, page design, choice of colors, keyword strategy etc. and provide a comprehensive review.

I'll sort through all the issues your sales page may have. I'll walk you through the psychological triggers you may be missing and open your eyes to new strategies that can significantly increase sales.

Here's What You'll Get...

I'll personally review and write your sales page review myself.

It's a WIN-WIN DEAL: You'll benefit from over 16 years of sales copywriting experience and sales psychology expertise while I'll get that warm feeling inside when I help another person succeed (plus your case study and testimonial).

You are going to receive a written and visual report outlining the suggestions for improving your copy. This includes:

  • A .PDF of Recommendations - a written review of your sales page's copy, design, trust factors, page load time, sales strategy etc.
  • A .JPG of Suggested changes - I'll use Snag It™ to create a detailed visual itemization of exactly where to make any changes
  • A Q & A Session - feedback from you as to any questions regarding the recommendations and a chance to ask for clarification if required.
  • How to "Get Inside Your Perfect Prospect's Head" (an analysis of your target market's most pressing problem)
  • How to Improve The Quality of Your Sales Copy
  • How you can Increase Your Conversion Rate
  • How you can use Resources To Improve Your Sales Pages
  • How to use Images to Improve The Look of Your Sales Page
  • How to Apply Sales Psychology to Optimize your conversion rate
  • How to "Close" Your Online Sales

Warning: This is Not A Re-Writing Service

I won't rewrite your whole sales page. I do write sales letters for other people but I have to love the product and I charge at least 15% of profits for licensing my PsychoProfits™ copywriting system (contact me if you want my help).

Why Sales Pages Are So Important

When your sales page is well designed and written, your sales will increase. Failure to fix your sales page will not make you money - it will COST you money!

You want something that explains what people will get and how it will benefit them and do it in a passionate, efficient and in a non-BS way.

Think back to the last sales page that you created. What did you struggle with?

Whatever it was, I can fix it. I specialize in persuasive copy, sales psychology and structure. I've got over 25 years of successful copywriting experience, so you won't be disappointed - it will be money well spent.

What Will This Cost?

What is a profitable sales page worth to you? $15K? $150K? $1 Millions? When you take advantage of this unique opportunity you'll save $1,000s and potentially make $10,0000s and possibly even make a life changing amount of money.

Today you won't pay $15K. You won't $10K. You won't even pay $5K.

For a very limited time you can have a world class sales letter for...


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$97 is the price of a new pair of sneakers or a family meal - but none of those things can make you wealthier.

Does it make more sense to spend your hard earned money on a liability that'll waste your valuable time and money
or an investment that could make you millions?

Time is Money...

I have places for ONLY 10 CLIENTS so order your review now...

My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee



Money back

If you are not happy with your detailed review then you can ask for a 100% Money Back Refund, no hard feelings.

Why am I Selling This Service For Such a Low Price?

  • I need the testimonials - (low price = more buyers = more testimonials)
  • I want to create a buzz about this consultancy (buzz = more interest)
  • I want to help aspiring online marketers and business people that can't afford to buy high quality professional consultancy

These days I'm (semi) retired and only do this kind of work because I love helping people achieve financial freedom through making money online. Honestly, I don't need the money but people only value what they pay for. Therefore, I'm asking the minimum amount of money that I can justify spending my time and resources on.

I'm Not Going To Make This Offer Ever Again

Once I've got enough testimonials and created enough interest in this unique opportunity then I'm going to charge real-world prices. Be smart, don't miss this great one-time offer, click the "GET MINE NOW" button now...


🔒 Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Sales Page Review

Profit from Persuasion

Richard. G. Lewis

P.S. I want to be your personal Persuasion and Copywriting mentor. For this one-off project you can exploit my personal expertise and experience to create a high quality sales letter that you can use as a template again and again to make money online.

Your happiness is my ultimate goal. If you aren't happy with your detailed review then please ask for a full refund (but I'll be curious to know why you're not happy because I'm always looking to improve, OK?).

P.P.P.S. You're online, you're reading this sales letter and you know that you can dramatically increase your sales by making a few simple changes to you sales page. 
I can identify the changes you need and fix them fast.

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