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Hate writing sales copy? You’re not alone. 

There’s no doubt about it, writing persuasive sales copy is tough – that’s why most marketers rate it as their “least enjoyable” task.

It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it.

"No matter what you sell - or what business you're in – nothing drives sales through the roof more than top-notch sales copy."

Rich Schefren, IM Guru

As you know, your sales message is your greatest point of leverage – get it right, you make BIG MONEY… get it wrong, and you LOSE MONEY.

But What Ya Gonna Do?

You've only got two choices: 1. Hire a copywriter 2. Do it yourself

Hiring a copywriter will cost you $1,000s (if they're any good).

Doing it yourself will cost you $100s in wasted time, sleepless nights and could ruin your reputation as a serious marketer.

It’s not your fault, because there’s no other way... or is there?

Dear Friend,

I'm Richard G. Lewis. I created PsychoProfits™ the internet's most popular copywriting course with 1,000s of very satisfied customers (>1% refunds).

I’ve written 100s of top-selling sales pages for 100s of different products in dozens of different niches.

These days, thanks to my success online, I’m lucky enough to travel the world and only work on projects that excite me, life’s good.

But it wasn’t always like this – I know what it’s like to fail online – I was left heavily in debt and deeply depressed.

Maybe you're in the same position?

  • Are you worried about money?
  • Are you unfulfilled or frustrated?
  • Are you unemployed, or in a low paying job you hate?
  • Are you distracted by emails about the latest "must-have" product?
  • Are you smart enough to make it but you just need that first break?
  • Are you beginning to feel desperate for the breakthrough you need?
  • Are you stuck with junk products or bad advice that doesn't work?
  • Are you suffering from analysis paralysis or information overload?
  • Are you running out of time and money and feeling desperate?
  • Are you wasting your limited time, money, and resources?
  • Are you confused, with no step-by-step system to follow?
  • Are you under pressure to make things happen fast?
  • Are you scared of risking your hard-earned money?
  • Are you unsure of who to trust or who to turn to?
  • Are you still looking for the tool that will consistently make money?

 Yes? Then I know EXACTLY how you feel because that used to be me!

The REAL Secret to Success…

My fortune changed the day I met a Physics Professor who had turned his genius to making millions online - he told me that the secret to his success was that he spent 99% of his time optimizing his Sales Letters!

Of course, he was right – Your Sales Letter is The Most Important Part of Your Entire Marketing Strategy. 

You can have a great product, a great funnel, tons of traffic, BUT if your sales message is poor you’ll become poor.

"Poor Copy Equals Poverty."

Jon Benson, Video Sales Letter Guru.

Here's the truth… If You Can't Create a Good Sales Letter, It’s Unlikely You’ll Ever Be Successful. 

Almost every millionaire marketer that you can think of has studied sales copywriting (and psychology) and writes their own sales letters. Sadly, writing sales letters is the part of marketing most people hate.

But what if you could cheat?

What if you had a simple tool that could avoid the learning process and easily create sales letters like a top copywriter, in minutes? 

Imagine if you had a system for writing high-converting sales letters again and again - without the doubt, fear and confusion. 

You could start making the money you’ve always wanted and start enjoying life to the full…

  • Pay Off All Your Debts
  • Tell Your Boss Where to Stick His Job
  • Make Your Family and Friends Proud of You
  • Start Your Own Profitable, Sustainable Business
  • Rapidly Achieve the Lifestyle You and Your Family Deserve
  • Have Time For Your Family, Foreign Holidays and Hobbies
  • Show Your In-Laws That Internet Marketing is NOT "a Waste of Time"
  • Secure The Financial Security of You and Your Loved Ones
  • Invest Profits into More Profitable Businesses
  • Earn The Respect of Your Marketing Peers
  • Become Richer Than All Your Friends

Do You Want the
Unfair Advantage of
a Fill-in-the-Blanks
Sales Letter Template?

From Today, You'll Never Have to Worry about Writing Professional- Quality Sales Pages Ever Again. 


The TABOO Sales Page Template™

Created specifically in response to the demand for a fast, simple and affordable sales page creation solution.

The TABOO Sales Page Template™ you'll receive uses the exact same psychology-based PsychoProfits Copywriting and Persuasion System™ that I license to top clients when I write their sales letters.

It's titled "taboo" because many people think the persuasion techniques used in this script unfairly manipulate the reader's decision-making.

There's simply never been anything like this - others might tell you what to do but not show you exactly how to build a pro-quality sales letter.

Here what you’ll get...

  • A professional copywriter’s fill_in_the_blanks sales letter template
  • PDF template of a full super-converting sales page that includes all the highest converting elements (as used by the world's top earning marketers)
  • Comes with detailed, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions
  • Includes all the latest cutting-edge advanced persuasion techniques, psychological triggers and subconscious commands
  • Based on scientifically-proven buyer behavior research
  • Uses the proven PsychoProfits™ Modular Copywriting Formula
  • Follows ALL The 21 Laws of Persuasion
  • A million dollar sales letter format that has been Tested, Tweaked, and Refined By The World's Top Sales Copywriters
  • Systematically breaks down every one of your reader's objections
  • The only sales letter template you’ll ever need
  • A quick-fix, fill_in_the_blanks blueprint you’ll use again and again…

My clients and students have been asking me for this for years. Now you have it.

This is the first affordable sales letter template for marketers of all levels.

I'm giving you the format - all you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Who is This Template For?

  • If you want to start selling right now
  • If you hate writing sales copy
  • If you stare at a blank screen not knowing where to start
  • If you’re scared of making a mess of your sales copy
  • If you resent spending $1,000s on copywriting fees
  • If you can't afford a top copywriter right now
  • If you want to save your time, energy and resources
  • If you want one less thing to worry about
  • If you want to turn your sales pages into little goldmines...
  • If you want to stuff your sales pages with hidden hypnosis that sets off buying triggers in your prospect’s mind
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing
  • If you don't want the hassle of learning how to write
  • If you want to ensure your future success
  • If you don't want your peers laughing at your amateur sales letters
  • If you want to save $100s, even $1,000s, on copywriters’ fees and spend it on profit-making advertising instead…

Think, if you've got a telesales team you give them a script, right? Why? Because it's a proven script that converts leads to buyers. That's what this template is - it's a proven-to-work sales script.

Without exception, EVERYONE that's used this formula has improved their sales conversion rate.

In fact, I know a few of my ex-students that are now using this exact same formula to write sales letters for their clients and charging them $1,000s!

Just fill_in_the_blanks with your own product details and paste it into any Word Press or HTML page.


Your Own Professional-Quality, High-Converting Sales Page in Minutes.

Honestly, it's as simple as that.


Don't be tempted to change a thing - it's been tested over and over again and it just works.

It works for me, it works for my clients and it will work for you.

It doesn't matter if you hate writing or selling - it's a FORMULA - you just have to use it.

Honestly, if you can't write a sales letter using this template then you're never going to write a sales letter EVER.

When you use this template (without changing the format) and just add your own information then IT WILL WORK. 

Here’s how…

  • Gain A Huge Advantage Over Your Competitors
  • Save $100s Or $1,000s Every Time You Use The Template
  • Save Hours, Days, Even Months Of Writing And Re-Writing
  • Get A Huge Boost In Conversions, Sales And Opt-Ins
  • Potentially Increase Your Profit By Up To 707%
  • Produce Professional-Quality Sales Letters in Under 7 Minutes (Saving you hours to develop other parts of your business)
  • Structure a Professional Sales Letter Professionally, including the correct sequence, format, and flow formula used for every section
  • Craft Hypnotic, Attention-Grabbing Headlines (plus Pre- Headlines and Sub-Headlines) using a 'works-every-time" formula
  • Construct Mesmerizing Openings and Deck Copy that'll force your reader to dive straight into your sales copy and not come up for air until they reach your "Buy Now" button
  • Present Your Products or Service's Information in a way that your reader can value what they're getting for their cash
  • Focus Your Prospect's Actions so that they know exactly what they need to do and what value they're getting
  • Use High-Converting "Calls to Action" to stop your prospects time-wasting and get them to buy
  • Use "Power" Words For Maximum Effect (and use them properly)
  • Warn Your Customer of the risk of NOT buying your product
  • Use Your Personal Signature to create trust with your reader
  • Add Powerfully Persuasive Post Scripts (most writers don't know how to use these or where to place your most persuasive "P.S.")
  • Compose "Joints" That Smoothly Connect Each Section so that
  • your reader is pulled rather than pushed through this almost Infallible Persuasion System
  • Avoid Making Expensive Copy Writing Mistakes, Ever!
  • Anyone Can Use This Formula… A-N-Y-O-N-E!

Imagine, just minutes after downloading this formula you could have your own profit-pulling sales letter making you money.

This template puts the right words in the right order - you just have to put it in front of the right people at the right time.

Sit back and relax knowing that your sales page is fully optimized to convert.

Here’s what users of this system have to say…

Mark Tandan 
Pro Copywriter

"As a full time copywriter, I’ve invested thousands of dollars in dozens of courses and training. The resource that’s ALWAY open when I write copy? The PsychoProfits Copywriting system. I don’t write anything without referring to it, and it’s helped me craft copy for multiple POTDs and 6 figure launches."

Claim Your FREE Bonuses

Order the TABOO Sales Page Template™ today and you'll also be entitled to these exclusive bonuses....


“HEADLINE HACKER: Swipe the World's Seven Best Ever Converting Headline Formulas”

Here’s What You’ll Get from Reading "HEADLINE HACKER":

  • Produce World-Class Headlines in Minutes
  • Discover The 4 Elements of All Great Headlines
  • Swipe the 7 Headline Formulas I Use To Create All My Sales Pages That Convert Between 7.2% and 72% (Every Time)
  • Master the Most Powerful Secret in Copywriting
  • Be the Envy of Your Marketing Peers (They’ll ask, “How Do You Write Such Amazing Headlines Every Time?”)
  • And Much, Much More...

Aubrey Grace SocialMarketingEmpire.com

Headline Hacker is Powerful Stuff! 

"All I can say is, Headline Hacker is powerful stuff! I really appreciate that you packed your ebook full of actionable content and zero fluff. This is without question a must have ebook for anyone wanting to improve their copywriting."


“CUSTOMER AVATAR: Get Inside Your Prospect's Head”

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside "CUSTOMER AVATAR":

  • How to Define Your "Perfect Customer"
  • How to Construct Your Customer Avatar
  • How to Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns Specific to The Person You Want to Attract, Based On The Customer Avatar You Have Created
  • How to Make Your Marketing Strategy More Efficient
  • How to Ensure Your Ad Dollars Are Invested Correctly
  • How to Improve Your Lead Quality and Conversions
  • How to Use Your Voice and Tone to Match Your Audience
  • How to Improve Your Personal Branding to Appeal to Your Target Market
  • How to Increase Your Client Retention (Because You’ll Know Exactly What They Want and You Can Keep On Providing it)
  • And Much, Much More...

Abhay Hendre IamAbhay.com

Get Inside Your Customer's Head! 

"Richard goes into detail about how to get inside your customer's head. He begins by explaining why you should identify your prospect’s demographic and behavioral characteristics. I liked how he explained the concept using 3 different niches. When I was reading the last section of the book, it reminded me of Frank Kern’s Core Influence. Customer Avatar is definitely worth a read!"


“TRIGGER: The Secret Psychological Triggers Used by Millionaire Marketers and Copywriters”

Here’s What You’ll Master from Reading "TRIGGER":

  • The Power of Repeated Statements
  • How to Use Hidden Embedded Commands
  • Why Tag Questions Work So Well
  • The Hypnotic Effect of Rhythms
  • The Importance of Influential Formatting
  • How Justification Can Affect Buyer Decisions
  • The Subtle Influence of Power Words
  • Using "Freedom to Choose" Psychology
  • How to Use Postscripts to Persuade
  • Why You Need to Use Textural Adjectives
  • When to Use Metaphors and Similes
  • How to Repeat Words and When
  • Understanding the Power of Self Worth
  • The Magic Behind Future Pacing Tactics
  • Why Empathy and Shared Experiences Work
  • Persuasive Copywriting and Sales Psychology 101
  • How to Counter Disbelief to Profit from It
  • The Hypnotic Influence of "Nonsense Logic"
  • And Much, Much More...

Ryan Milligan
Global Leads Digital

Exploitable Psychological Triggers 

“'TRIGGER' has plenty of actionable content. The book covers all the most practical, relevant and exploitable psychological triggers, tips, tactics, techniques and tricks. I found the sections about Future Pacing Tactics and the use of Nonsense Logic to be particularly interesting. I think anyone interested in Sales Copywriting, Advertising or Marketing will benefit from reading this little book, especially if they haven’t previously studied psychological triggers."

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What would it be worth to you to double or even triple your sales?

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I’m only asking $7 for this template for 3 reasons:

  1. $7 makes the template affordable for almost everyone. It’s not too expensive for even the humblest beginning marketer.
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  3. Anyone who is smart enough to invest the price of a fast food dinner and buy this template and grab the opportunity to turn visitors into buyers is the kind of person I want work with. 

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Why not grab your copy now? Are you afraid of success?

If you keep using your same old copywriting solution you’re going to get the same old results.

Don't waste $10 buying traffic to a landing page that won't convert - invest less than $10 in a landing page that WILL convert.

What's your time worth? More than $10 an hour? If this template saves you just one hour it will have paid for itself.

“Once you know how to write sales copy… you can make money whenever you like!”

Alex Jefferies, IM Coach.


Please don't waste your time or money buying this product if you're not going to use it. I want you to use the formula, convert customers, make lots of money, and spread the word.

This sales letter template is intended for serious marketers and aspiring sales copy writers that want a consistent and reliable sales letter formula that's proven to sell products and services and convert readers into buyers repeatedly.

This is a chance to change your luck - a new beginning, a new you… grab your copy now…

P.S. By now you know that business success comes from having all the "tools" of the trade. Without doubt, sales copywriting is the sharpest tool in your tool box. Your sales message underpins all your marketing - without this tool you’ll never make the money you want. 

P.S. Why wait? This is probably the most cost-effective investment opportunity with the greatest return on investment you'll ever enjoy.

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"Good, high converting sales copy is one of the best investments you could ever make for your product."

Dean Holland, IproPartners.com