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The Ultimate Copywriting
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PsychoProfits is The Ultimate Copywriting & Persuasion System

it is a new and unique sales letter copy writing course in .pdf (100+ pages) and email formats. The Unique Selling Proposition of the course is its explanation of Sales Psychology Techniques and how they should be applied in writing high-conversion sales pages.

There is also an OTO of another course in .pdf form (100+ pages) titled The 21 Laws of Persuasion, which explains the laws of influence and sales psychology.

Note: this is a unique, high-quality product on a very popular but rarely covered subjects; copywriting and persuasion. You will benefit from recommending this to your subscribers if they are the kind of audience that like well-written, in-depth, unique content with plenty of detailed instructions, examples, and case studies.

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JayKay Downdalls Sales
Barb Ling

Barbara Ling,

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"Fantastic product. I've alerted my list several times to PsychoProfits and each and every time.... orders just fly off the shelves. The product itself is packed with value; newbies and experienced marketers alike will find nuggets of gold within the pages. I can highly recommend letting your network know about it!"

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Benjamin Fletcher,

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Mark Hess

Mark Hess,

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"I did a promo for Richard and the results were outstanding. I was getting 32-66% conversions throughout the promo. Best of all, I had zero refunds. I highly recommend working with him. PsychoProfits converts like crazy."

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